*Prices are open to change depending on my work schedule – once you have been quoted a price this will not change*

Pencil/Graphite Portraits

A5 size - 2hr sketch detail portrait – £100

A4 size - 5hr high detail portrait – £200 *most popular*

A3 size - 8hr highest detail portrait – £350

Bigger and smaller sizes available upon request.

-How to commission-

To commission a portrait you will need at least one photograph of the animal you would like drawing as a portrait. If you are having trouble deciding what will be best suited then I can have a look through the photographs you have and help you to decide. Unfortunately not all photographs work well for portrait, especially if they have a lot of shadows on the subjects face. If I cannot see detail well I will have to improvise in the best way I can. The clearer the photograph the better!

Once you have an idea of what photograph you would like recreating as a portrait please contact me and I can arrange to schedule it in for you.

I will then work on the portrait which typically takes around 3-5 days from the date I begin. I often upload work in progress updates on my Instagram (unless they are private) and occasionally on my Facebook page. You can check these for updates or get in touch for an update yourself at any time.

-Postage Information-

I ship my orders all over the world. Postage and packaging is FREE (included with the price of the portrait). Most portraits are shipped in a large protected poster tube ready for framing when you receive it and various custom orders are sent flat packed if they are unable to curve in a tube.


I accept payments for my portraits primarily using Paypal. I also accept direct transfers via online banking. I accept either full payment before I start the order OR a 50% deposit to start and the remaining payment upon completion when you have been sent a preview of the finished piece. I then ship the portrait out to you!

Refunds for commissions are NOT accepted as the piece will not have any resale value for me due to its custom nature.

-Custom Portraits-

I do have custom portraits available outside of the selection above including paintings and colour work. However I am primarily a pencil artist and my skill lie with the technique I use in pencil. I have created several paintings and other custom work on request so contact me if your desired commission isn’t one of the more popular orders from above and I will see what I can do for you!


If you have any other questions at all then please contact me!